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Euro American School of Aviation - Feb/Mar 2011

This is a record of my time at EASA at Ormond Beach Florida, where I went in early 2011 to realise a lifetime ambition of learning to fly, and to gain a Private Pilot's License (PPL)
Some photographs are available here, and a You Tube Video (First Solo) here

Week 1

Monday 14th Feb Monday 14th Feb

Tuesday 15th Feb Tuesday 15th Feb

Wednesday 16th Feb Wednesday 16th Feb

Thursday 17th Feb Thursday 17th Feb

Friday 18th Feb Friday 18th Feb

Saturday 19th Feb Saturday 19th Feb

Sunday 20th Feb Sunday 20th Feb

Week 2

Monday 21st Feb Monday 21st Feb

Tuesday 22nd Feb Tuesday 22nd Feb

Wednesday 23rd Feb Wednesday 23rd Feb

Thursday 24th Feb Thursday 24th Feb

Friday 25th Feb Friday 25th Feb

Saturday 26th Feb Saturday 26th Feb

Sunday 27th Feb Sunday 27th Feb

Week 3

Monday 28th Feb Monday 28th Feb

Tuesday 1st March Tuesday 1st March

Wednesday 2nd March Wednesday 2nd March

Thursday 3rd March Thursday 3rd March

Friday 4th March Friday 4th March

Saturday 5th March Saturday 5th March

Sunday 6th March Sunday 6th March

Week 4

Monday 7th March Monday 7th March

Tuesday 8th March Tuesday 8th March

Wednesday 9th March Wednesday 9th March

Thursday 10th March Thursday 10th March

Friday 11th March Friday 11th March

Sat/Sun 12/13th March Sat/Sun 12/13th March

Mon/Tue 14/15th March Mon/Tue 14/15th March